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Saree trends in India!!!

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

Ruffled Saree!!

This type of Saree is very popular nowadays.Many actresses also follow this trend. In this type of Saree, ruffles are attached all over the Saree to give it a unique touch.

Belted Saree!!

It is also called buckled up Saree. In this type of Saree , Belt is added to complete the look. Generally similar kind of material is used to make the belt. But sometimes to make it more glamorous beaded or oxidized belt is also used

Saree with shrug!!

In this style , shrug is worn over the Saree to complete it. It look so amazing and glamorous. It also create a unique impression over a person.

Balloon sleeves!!

In this style, Saree is worn with the blouse with balloon sleeves. It look so different and unique. You can pair any simple Saree with the balloon sleeved blouse. It always make you look gorgeous.

Traditional Saree!!

Traditional sarees include sarees made up of traditional material like Cotton and silk. This type of sarees have different impression in our life. They are given the tag boring by the young generation and they also don’t prefer to wear this type of sarees. But to make it look unique and different we find a draping style which make this boring Saree interesting. I can’t explain the drape, so I attached a picture of it. If you want a video of it do comment below.

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