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Talk about my inspiration!!! Komal pandey| Ramya vasudev

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

So as we all have some people who inspire us. We followed them, learn from them , implement the things the do or say. So today I am talking about my inspirations. I followed two people who motivated me to do all this stuff. After seeing them, I started taking interest in Fashion.

Firstly I like to talk about the one who create my interest in Fashion industry. One day I was just watching YouTube and suddenly I saw a video of a diy Fashion video of a girl. I watched her video and completely loved it. I like her way of speaking, her way of explaining all the steps. Then I follow her on Instagram and loved her dressing style also. I also create two garments watching her video and they turned out very beautiful. She inspires me in many ways. Her name is RAMYA VASUDEV.

Ramya has her own YouTube channel. She makes diy clothes videos, nail art videos, haul videos,etc.

Source :- Instagram

Do follow her on

Instagram :- @thevoguedoll

YouTube :- thediygirl

Now let’s talk about my second inspiration. She is the one who teaches me that “Don’t Give Up”. We all have to do lots of struggles in our life to achieve something. Her stories inspire me a lot. Her dressing style….What to say about that. No one can carry clothes like her. She wears anything she likes and everything suits her. I admire her a lot and she inspires me to be a blogger. She is One and only KOMAL PANDAY.

Komal also has her own YouTube channel. She also has a experience of working in a company called PopXo. After working with PopXo for 1 and half year, she resigned and started her own channel. She has a unique sense of dressing as I mentioned earlier. She makes Beauty , Fashion and Lifestyle videos.

Source:- Instagram

Do follow her on

Instagram :- Komalpandeyofficial

YouTube :- Komalpandey

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you like it. Let’s meet next Saturday.

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I am a fashion lover and loves to share tips about fashion. I post blogs every Saturday. I am a Fashion addicted šŸ˜‚

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