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3 ways to style your shrug !!!

Hey !! My name is Rishita. I make Fashion related blogs that helps you to improve your Style.

Today I am gonna tell you about shrugs. We all have shrugs but got bored after wearing it two or three times😌. So here is my tips to style😎 your shrug in three totally different ways. Ok… so before you all got bored😂…lets start😍 !!!

Look 1 :- Shrug to bodycon dress.

For the first look you don’t have to do much struggle just reverse your shrug ( I mean back side in front and front side back ). Now join the back ( middle and end ) using safety pin. Isn’t it so easy??

Look 2 :- Shrug to slit skirt.

For this look , just tie your shrug on you waist just like a jacket. But tie it on one side to get a slit and than join the slit using safety pin ( length of slit depends upon you ) I join it after 20 cms from the top.

Look 3 :- Shrug to off shoulder maxi dress.

For this look , join the middle part of you shrug without wearing sleeves. After that just tie the sleeves in a criss cross manner ( refer the picture given below ). Join the remaining portion by using safety pins of just stitch it.

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Diy scrapbook folder for drawings

Hey readers…

Writing this after so long. I don’t know why I stop writing blogs but don’t worry I am back with new content 🤗.

So let’s get started with today’s topic that is Diy Folder. All of you have seen those plastic kind of paper which look like a file. I hope you all will understand 😅. Okay I will share a picture of that folder below so that you get an idea of what we are making today.

So let’s get started now!!

Materials :-

A4 size Craft paper

Cardboard file or cardboards



Step 1 :-

To make the pocket for the folder we need to fold paper into half.

Step 2 :-

Now take another paper and cut out strips according to the size of the sides (of the paper we folded earlier) We will use these strips to joint the sides of that paper so that it will form a pocket.

Step 3:-

Now fold the strips and stick them on the sides of that folded paper to make the pocket. You can use you tapes instead of strips but I don’t have so many tapes so I use paper.

Make as Many pockets as you want in your folder

Step 4 :-

Now joint all this pockets but remember Stick only the middle portion. See the image for reference

Step 5 :-

Now make a file from cardboard but I already have a readymade file so I didn’t make it. It’s very simple just cut out two flaps and one more small one and joint all using tape or paper.

You can also read another blog for that but I don’t think it is that difficult 😅

Step 6 :-

Stick all the pockets in the file. Make sure to stick the first and last pocket to the file cover so that it gets that folder effect.

You can also make this in a landscape size. You just have to use two full paper and joint them as you joint this one.

Step 7 :-

Decorate the cover According to your choice.

Hope you all like this. I know I am not that clear but I tried my level best to explain.

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Women’s footwear | Fashion series | Episode 3| The Style Inspo

In this episode, I would like to talk about Women’s Footwear. There are various types of footwear available for women.

So as you all know there are lot of varieties available…A lot…So here are some types…Hope you like it…Do follow if you do…

So firstly I would like to tell you about the most popular Pencil heels. Who don’t love pencil heals!! We all do right. But it’s not too comfortable if you are attending a very long function. But apart from that pencil heel always makes you look more posed and confident.

Next I would like to talk about Block heels. Block heels are for those who love to wear pencil heels but Don’t feel comfortable.Block heels are more comfortable as compared to pencil heels.It also makes you look confident.Block heels are also now in trend.So if you are looking for a comfortable heels you should definitely invest in block heels.

So now it’s time for wedges or platform heels. It’s the most comfortable from all the heels. Generally people wear these type of heels in the regular and daily basis.

So it’s all about heels today.We would talk about another types of footwear in our next blog.

Which is your favourite heels?? Do comment below…

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