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3 ways to style your shrug !!!

Hey !! My name is Rishita. I make Fashion related blogs that helps you to improve your Style.

Today I am gonna tell you about shrugs. We all have shrugs but got bored after wearing it two or three times😌. So here is my tips to style😎 your shrug in three totally different ways. Ok… so before you all got bored😂…lets start😍 !!!

Look 1 :- Shrug to bodycon dress.

For the first look you don’t have to do much struggle just reverse your shrug ( I mean back side in front and front side back ). Now join the back ( middle and end ) using safety pin. Isn’t it so easy??

Look 2 :- Shrug to slit skirt.

For this look , just tie your shrug on you waist just like a jacket. But tie it on one side to get a slit and than join the slit using safety pin ( length of slit depends upon you ) I join it after 20 cms from the top.

Look 3 :- Shrug to off shoulder maxi dress.

For this look , join the middle part of you shrug without wearing sleeves. After that just tie the sleeves in a criss cross manner ( refer the picture given below ). Join the remaining portion by using safety pins of just stitch it.

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