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Styling Red Dress in 5 Different ways!!

For the first look, I paired the dress with black palazzo and same colour Dupatta. Added a statement earrings to complete this look😉

For the second look, I paired dress with same colour palazzo and tuck the dress inside to make it look like jumpsuit(hacks😉).

For the third look, I paired the dress with shirt dress (Cardigan or shrug would also look amazing ). Added a cute necklace and a classic watch.

For the fourth look, I took the same shirt dress but wore it as a tie up shirt.

For the last look , I wore a printed top over the dress and tuck it inside the belt to give a crop top look. Added a statement black necklace to complete the look.

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Style tips for Black lover

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

Tip :- 1 The first tip is to use black and white contrasting pattern…
Wear a black colour top and pair it up with patterned long skirt as I do or pair it up with black and white striped flared pants❤…
Click here to see my look

Tip :- 2 For the second tip I pair a black spaghetti top with common black leggings. Now to give it a unique look I wore a shirt on it and it gives me a great style…you can also use long shrug to give it your touch….

Tip 3 :- For this style, wear a black skirt above your chest and then add black top over it. To get perfect look tie a knot. For the bottom you can go for simple leggings or Palazzo pants also. To complete this look wear a duppatta (its depend upon you).

Tip 4 :- This is the simplest look and the sexiest also😜. For this look, pair your black Palazzo with a black tube top. So simple 😃.

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Style hacks for palazzo lovers!!!

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

So today we are talking about palazzo ( or you can do this hacks with flared pants also ). Without wasting much time let’s dig into it…

Style 1 :- The simplest way of palazzo with kurti. Don’t worry this is not the first style. Instead of Kurti, pair it up with tube top . You can also use pattern top or any other solid color top but as you all know from my last two blog I’m obsessed with black so I created all black look.

Style 2 :- Ok so are you a shy girl ?? And don’t wear this type of clothes?? Don’t worry I have a great hack for you. Simply put on your matching shrug over the top. So simple. Now go enjoy the party.

Style 3 :- For the third look, you just need an appropriate accessories. First , pair your Palazzo with a spaghetti top ( if you want to look more attractive just tie a knot 😅…) And then top it up with matching dupatta and accessories. Here I use pearl accessories but you can also use oxidized accessories…

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