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Saree trends in India!!!

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

Ruffled Saree!!

This type of Saree is very popular nowadays.Many actresses also follow this trend. In this type of Saree, ruffles are attached all over the Saree to give it a unique touch.

Belted Saree!!

It is also called buckled up Saree. In this type of Saree , Belt is added to complete the look. Generally similar kind of material is used to make the belt. But sometimes to make it more glamorous beaded or oxidized belt is also used

Saree with shrug!!

In this style , shrug is worn over the Saree to complete it. It look so amazing and glamorous. It also create a unique impression over a person.

Balloon sleeves!!

In this style, Saree is worn with the blouse with balloon sleeves. It look so different and unique. You can pair any simple Saree with the balloon sleeved blouse. It always make you look gorgeous.

Traditional Saree!!

Traditional sarees include sarees made up of traditional material like Cotton and silk. This type of sarees have different impression in our life. They are given the tag boring by the young generation and they also don’t prefer to wear this type of sarees. But to make it look unique and different we find a draping style which make this boring Saree interesting. I can’t explain the drape, so I attached a picture of it. If you want a video of it do comment below.

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Talk about my inspiration!!! Komal pandey| Ramya vasudev

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

So as we all have some people who inspire us. We followed them, learn from them , implement the things the do or say. So today I am talking about my inspirations. I followed two people who motivated me to do all this stuff. After seeing them, I started taking interest in Fashion.

Firstly I like to talk about the one who create my interest in Fashion industry. One day I was just watching YouTube and suddenly I saw a video of a diy Fashion video of a girl. I watched her video and completely loved it. I like her way of speaking, her way of explaining all the steps. Then I follow her on Instagram and loved her dressing style also. I also create two garments watching her video and they turned out very beautiful. She inspires me in many ways. Her name is RAMYA VASUDEV.

Ramya has her own YouTube channel. She makes diy clothes videos, nail art videos, haul videos,etc.

Source :- Instagram

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YouTube :- thediygirl

Now let’s talk about my second inspiration. She is the one who teaches me that “Don’t Give Up”. We all have to do lots of struggles in our life to achieve something. Her stories inspire me a lot. Her dressing style….What to say about that. No one can carry clothes like her. She wears anything she likes and everything suits her. I admire her a lot and she inspires me to be a blogger. She is One and only KOMAL PANDAY.

Komal also has her own YouTube channel. She also has a experience of working in a company called PopXo. After working with PopXo for 1 and half year, she resigned and started her own channel. She has a unique sense of dressing as I mentioned earlier. She makes Beauty , Fashion and Lifestyle videos.

Source:- Instagram

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YouTube :- Komalpandey

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Style tips for Black lover

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

Tip :- 1 The first tip is to use black and white contrasting pattern…
Wear a black colour top and pair it up with patterned long skirt as I do or pair it up with black and white striped flared pants❤…
Click here to see my look

Tip :- 2 For the second tip I pair a black spaghetti top with common black leggings. Now to give it a unique look I wore a shirt on it and it gives me a great style…you can also use long shrug to give it your touch….

Tip 3 :- For this style, wear a black skirt above your chest and then add black top over it. To get perfect look tie a knot. For the bottom you can go for simple leggings or Palazzo pants also. To complete this look wear a duppatta (its depend upon you).

Tip 4 :- This is the simplest look and the sexiest also😜. For this look, pair your black Palazzo with a black tube top. So simple 😃.

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Style hacks for palazzo lovers!!!

Hey guys!!! I am Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

So today we are talking about palazzo ( or you can do this hacks with flared pants also ). Without wasting much time let’s dig into it…

Style 1 :- The simplest way of palazzo with kurti. Don’t worry this is not the first style. Instead of Kurti, pair it up with tube top . You can also use pattern top or any other solid color top but as you all know from my last two blog I’m obsessed with black so I created all black look.

Style 2 :- Ok so are you a shy girl ?? And don’t wear this type of clothes?? Don’t worry I have a great hack for you. Simply put on your matching shrug over the top. So simple. Now go enjoy the party.

Style 3 :- For the third look, you just need an appropriate accessories. First , pair your Palazzo with a spaghetti top ( if you want to look more attractive just tie a knot 😅…) And then top it up with matching dupatta and accessories. Here I use pearl accessories but you can also use oxidized accessories…

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3 ways to style your shrug !!!

Hey !! My name is Rishita. I make Fashion related blogs that helps you to improve your Style.

Today I am gonna tell you about shrugs. We all have shrugs but got bored after wearing it two or three times😌. So here is my tips to style😎 your shrug in three totally different ways. Ok… so before you all got bored😂…lets start😍 !!!

Look 1 :- Shrug to bodycon dress.

For the first look you don’t have to do much struggle just reverse your shrug ( I mean back side in front and front side back ). Now join the back ( middle and end ) using safety pin. Isn’t it so easy??

Look 2 :- Shrug to slit skirt.

For this look , just tie your shrug on you waist just like a jacket. But tie it on one side to get a slit and than join the slit using safety pin ( length of slit depends upon you ) I join it after 20 cms from the top.

Look 3 :- Shrug to off shoulder maxi dress.

For this look , join the middle part of you shrug without wearing sleeves. After that just tie the sleeves in a criss cross manner ( refer the picture given below ). Join the remaining portion by using safety pins of just stitch it.

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Fashion hacks for middle class girls!!!

Are you from a middle class family? Do you can’t afford clothes from Zara and H&m? Do you want to look classy and do show off in college?

So follow my tips and tricks to upgrade your style..

Lets start !!!

Hack 1 :- So the most basic thing that we all have or we all must have in our closet is T-SHIRTS. Now for this hack I prefer to use oversized tees. After wearing your tee, just simply tie a knot around your waist. If you didn’t understand don’t worry just see the image given below to get an idea. Now to look more classy just put the sleeves down and make it off shoulder. You can put both the sleeves off or just one sleeve, both looks classy.

Hack 2 :- For the hack no 2, first I wore a simple pink knee length dress. Now I put a same T-shirt (that I used above) over the dress and tie a same knot. Then put one sleeve down and there you are. You are ready for the party or college.

Hack 3 :- So do you always like the expensive jumpsuit but can’t afford it? So this hack is only for you!!! For this hack , I use the same pink dress ( You can also use top ) and wear black spaghetti top over it. Again tie a knot ( I use knotting technique very much😅) . Now pair it up with black palazzo and your fake jumpsuit is ready. You can use other colours to make it colourful but I love black so😂. Remember that you have to use same color of top and palazzo.

Hack 4 :- Traditional day in college? But you don’t want to wear saree or kurta? Ok girls so this hack is for you !!! Firstly wear a long skirt on the chest area so it look like a dress. Now wear a spaghetti top over it and again tie a knot😅( sorry ). This makes you look modern plus ethnic. To give it more ethnic touch pair it with dupatta but remember to look classy so tie it around Your neck just like we do with rope and put one side in front and other side on back. Don’t forget to accessories it😍. Accessories make a huge difference in ethnic look.

Hack 5 :- This hack is for Black lovers. If you love wearing black and go out in all black clothes, do people laugh at you or see you in awkward way? Don’t worry I got you a solution. Whenever you wear all black put one item of different colour so that it doesn’t look weird. For example , if you are wearing black top with black jeans or leggings put a shirt or shrug over it. It completely changes the look😃.

So i hope you like my hacks.

Many more to come😁….

Comment below your suggestions!!!

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