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Earrings part 2 | Fashion Serious | Episode 2 | TheStyleInspo

Hey guys!!! My name is Rishita. I love to do fashion hacks or style hacks. I am a fashion blogger and my blogs came up every Saturday. Hope you guys like it!!!

Hey readers ! Welcome back to the Fashion series. So as I told you earlier that I will post earrings part 2 in my previous blog. So here it is!!!

Let’s talk about Chandballis . Chandballis are the traditional and heavy type of earrings. Generally people wear this in weddings. It looks beautiful with the heavy traditional attire. Nowadays wearing only Chandballis (without any neckpiece) is in trend.

Now it’s time for the trending earring and that is Tassel earrings . We can pair this with both kind of outfits i.e Western and Traditional. This earrings are made from threads. Generally people wear this with traditional attire but it also look amazing with Western attire.

Statement earrings !! This type of earrings are trendy nowadays. Instead of wearing that heavy traditional jewellry people like to wear this earrings for there outfit. And this looks very attractive and gorgeous with any outfit.

Thank you for reading. Love to see the review in the comments section!!

Hope you like it!!

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I am a fashion lover and loves to share tips about fashion. I post blogs every Saturday. I am a Fashion addicted 😂

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